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Gold Bucks

Gold Bucks are an easy way to offer incentives to customers and employees to keep money in our community. Gold Bucks are like a gift certificate that can be used at Chamber businesses that have opted into the program.

How Gold Bucks Work:

The Gold program was established with “ease of use” in mind. The following parameters apply to use of the certificates.
  • Certificates are issued with an 18 month expiration date & that date cannot be extended nor can expired certificates be redeemed.
  • A maximum of $100 per certificate (Multiple certificates are allowed).
  • A $0.25 processing fee is charged for each certificate.
  • Certificates shall be redeemed for merchandise or services rendered by Chamber members in good standing only.
  • Certificates are redeemed at face value similar to any other checking transaction & should be endorsed when used.
  • Merchants are encouraged to provide change to the customer as a courtesy.
  • Lost, damaged, stolen, or expired certificates may not be replaced.
  • Gold Certificates which do not have an expiration date cannot be redeemed.

Businesses That Accept Gold Bucks: